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Life Sciences

“Notes on an Acoustic Sociology of Science” and

“Selections. Transcript of a video installation”

two articles for a catalogue of this exhibition, to which I contributed.

In: Hannes Rickli (ed.): Videograms.
The Pictorial Worlds of Biological Experimentation as an Object of Art and Theory. Scheidegger and Spiess,
Zürich 2011

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die wahr/falsch inc. Eine Wissenschaftsausstellung in der Stadt.

Wien, Facultas, 2006.

(Co-editor together with Bernd Kräftner, Judith Kröll, Alexander Martos and Florian Oberhuber) (more)

“the true/false inc.” is an exhibition project in the city of Vienna that asks how science works and how it influences our life. It poses questions and provides no answers, because science and art never answer, but always raise new interrogations.

The exhibition is not always an exhibition; sometimes it is a sound installation or a conversation circle—but it always tries to put science in discussion.


“the true/false inc.” brings these questions whither they belong: to you, to your neighbourhood, to the places where they must be discussed.
It comes in eleven separate modules, each dedicated to a single topic, from doping to the migration of scientists, through to biodiversity.

You can view each module separately, visit the whole series, or build up your own path through the modules. You will find nearly all modules along the underground line U1, so you can travel easily from a module to another.

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Liebe deinen Hund wie dich selbst.

Ein klinischer Test sozialwissenschaftlicher Theoriebildung am Beispiel veterinärmedizinischer Konsultationen.

Universität Zürich. (unpublished M.A. -Thesis)

(=Love Your Dog as Thyself)

For a short english version see this unpublished article


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Unpublished article based on German Language M.A. Thesis (2001).

Actor-Network-Theory and Constructivism fight for better description of Interactions between Humans and Animals.

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Überschuss. Videogramme des Experimentierens.

(Surplus. Videograms of Experimentation) 2009
A project of the artist Hannes Rickli dealing with surplus images of biological laboratories. How do biologists define data? How do they define which images are errors? Together we did a 9-channel video-installation „labscans“, which shows the laboratories filmed by an automated 360° camera. The audio channels consist of a dialogue-montage among the biologists on their work and what constitutes data.

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Exhibited at Helmhaus Zürich.

See my articles for the catalogue here



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Frei von der Leber weg.

Eine Methode zur Erfassung von Präventionsvorstellungen und Divinationen.

(together with Bernd Kräftner und Judith Kröll (a.k.a shared inc.) as stygma-syblings)

An exhibition based on data from anthropologists and doctors gathered in our own laboratory to explore ideas of prevention. We built a ethnographic laboratory to ask and test anthropologists and doctors about their views of prevention.

Here is how my colleagues describe it:

“We  developed a “ethnographic laboratory” to collect data from anthropologists and doctors concerning their ideas on prevention.We slipped into the role of researchers (“the stygma syblings”) that gave various tasks to their test persons. Although it was clear that we were performing “a kind of art project” it confirmed the finding of many experiments in social psychology etc that it is very easy to talk in the name of “science and research” and make people do things they otherwise would never do.

However, this was merely an almost embarrassing (embarrassing because its so easy) side effect of the project: for us, it was important to experiment with a methodological approach that should relate the “test persons” to their present futures via the politics of prevention.”

poster Nr. 1./ more / images

Exhibited at and funded by Humboldt University Berlin, 2008.


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by Bernd Kräftner and myself (as stygma brothers). The installation told the story of how Cyprus deals with the genetic disease Thalassemia. It is based on fieldwork in Cyprus and consists of a reinterpretation of a Cypriot photo-store. The story is told with ethnographic material, photos in clinics, photos of married couples from photo-stores, interview excerpts, a social history of Cyprus told with the help of stamps, all arranged in some 200 old picture frames.
Ethnographic guidance by Stefan Beck.

Part of the exhibition “die wahr/falsch inc.”


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A video made together with Natascha Sadr-Haghighian (for a better bio: bioswop) on art in hospitals, how the staff perceives it and whether they think it is good for them or the patients, and what Robin Williams has got to do with it (contains ethnographic material from several hospitals in Berlin and London). Exhibited in several exhibitions in Berlin.

Funded by Mute magazine.

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A two channel video installation together with Florian Japp on people with heart transplants about who they think they are and the symbolism of flowers as gifts. Exhibited and fitted for “Klinik/Morphing Systems”, Zürich and “Emergency. Dialoge zum Ausnahmezustand”, Hamburg, two exhibitions in abandoned hospitals.

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