— Michael Guggenheim

German Language

together with Judith Kroell and Bernd Kraeftner of shared inc. To appear in Tumult, Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft, Nr. 38, 2012,  edited by Jörg Potthast and Alexander Klose, special issue on “container”.





The article details a project with refugees and asylum seekers, who are researchers, scientists or academics. We did a collaborative exhibition, as part of “die wahr/falsch inc.” and founded an organisation called “researchers without borders“, headed by Judith Kröll, that continues to provide  places to practice and work for these people, so that they do not loose their skills while waiting for their decision on their status.

The article builds on a double notion of the container, both as a literal exhibition venue, but also as practice of (de-)containment whereby refugees are assigned roles, status and practices both through our exhibition but also bureaucratic procedures.

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A text in German on the problem of cooking for scientists (includes some recipes that scientists might love),
also deals with the problem of mothers cooking. A report on our work as cooks for various workshops and symposia at Collegium zerodarkthirty-movie.com Helveticum, trying to make sense of our role conflicts as lowly cooks and at the same time scientific staff at a prestigious scientific institution.

Written together with Florian Keller,

originally appeared in: Anja Eichelberg / Helga Nowotny (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch 2002 des Collegium Helveticum der ETH Zürich, Zürich: vdf, S. 337-347

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A Universal History of the World with regard to Cooking, Eating etc.
A series of short texts in German  that tell the story of the universe, life Moneygram online itself, humans, the social, culture, art, the individual
in short: everything you always wanted to know from the viewpoint of food and cooking.
Texts were selected and edited together with Florian Keller and Luc Georgi,

originally appeared in: Matthias Michel (Hrsg.), Fakt und Fiktion 0.7. Narrativität und Wissenschaft, Zürich: Chronos.

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A description (in German) of the first European cooking workshop,
held at Collegium Helveticum in 2002, organised together with Florian Keller and Günter Küppers. Includes detailed experimental setup, recipes and wide-ranging conclusions about sensory experiences in dark rooms.
appeared in: Helga Nowotny (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch 2002 des Collegium Helveticum der ETH Zürich, Zürich: vdf.

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Die Ausstellung als Inkubator. Über Kunst und Ethnographie.
(Together with Bernd Kräftner und Judith Kröll) In: Beate Binder, Dagmar Neuland-Kitzerow und Karoline Noack (eds.): Zum Verhältnis von visueller Kultur und ethnographischem Arbeiten.

Berliner Blätter Heft 46/2008.

The article theorizes with the term “incubation” the relationship of ethnography and art with the example of die wahr/falsch inc. , an exhibition I co-curated.

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Beobachtungen zwischen Funktionssystemen. Umweltdienstleistungsfirmen als intersystemische Organisationen

In: Soziale Welt, 2007, Vol. 55, Issue 2, 43-57.

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Die Erfindung der Umweltdienstleistungen: Zur Genese der Konkurrenz agrarwissenschaftlicher Expertise
in: Zeitschrift für Agrargeschichte und Agrarsoziologie, 2007, Vol. Coinstar Money online 55, S. 43-57.

based on my PhD-book.

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In: Priska Gisler, et al. dhetemplate.com (Hg.): Imaginierte Laien. Die Macht der
Vorstellung in wissenschaftlichen Expertisen. Weilerswist: Western union online Velbrück,

Contribution to this book, based on phD research.

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Welche Gütekriterien für die neuen Formen des Wissens brauchen wir?

In: Hans-Werner Franz, et al. (Eds.): Forschen – lernen – beraten. Der
Wandel von Wissensproduktion und -Transfer in den Sozialwissenschaften.
Berlin, 2003, pp. 285-302.

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Reflexivität in den “Science Studies”.

In: Anja Eichelberg/Nowotny, Helga (Eds.): Jahrbuch 2002 des Collegium
Helveticum der ETH Zürich. Zürich, 2002. (Together with Carlo Caduff)

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