— Michael Guggenheim

Eat a Tactic

Here is a blogpost over at CSISP blog for a tactical picnic, as part of the “engaging tactics” conference at Goldsmiths Department of Sociology in collaboration with the British Sociological Association and Goldsmiths’ Methods Lab in April 30th – May 1st, 2012, prepared together with Christian von Wissel, with contributions by the conference participants.

The aim of the conference was “to explore social sciences’ ways of engaging with the social world. The event seeks to explore how to (re)imagine the ‘tactics’ for producing and sharing social knowledge, focusing on the construction and upholding of meaningful and confiding relationships with both research participants and ‘emerging publics’.”

Our task: Create a lunch for the conference. Constraints: No money to pay cooks and little time to prepare and eat.

Our idea: Turn each talk into a tactic for buying, preparing, assembling and eating and have each presenter at the conference prepare one dish.


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