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Eat a Tactic

A tactical picnic, as part of the “engaging tactics” conference at Goldsmiths Department of Sociology in collaboration with the British Sociological Association and Goldsmiths’ Methods Lab in April 30th – May 1st, 2012.

Prepared together with Christian von Wissel, with contributions by the conference participants.


From Spinach to Brain.

Comments on a Menu for the Workshop “Emotions on a Plate”

Held at Collegium Helveticum, 21. March 2007. (Together with Florian Keller).

A description of a menu that renders the theme “emotions and culture” edible, from childhood memories to cultural variations and the receptors that make memories real.

Appeared in: Johannes Fehr, Gerd Folkers (Hg.) Gefühle zeigen. Manifestationsformen emotionaler Prozesse. Edition Collegium Helveticum, Band 5, 2009.

Further theorized in the article:

The Proof Is in the Pudding. On ‘Truth to Materials’ in the Sociology of Translations, Followed by an Attempt to Improve It. In: STI-Studies, Special Issue on “The Five Senses of the Sciences”.


A Set of Rules for a Cooking Workshop.

A description and documentation of a cooking-workshop that deals with the problem of collectively inventing a very peculiar menu from a fixed set of accidental ingredients.

Great graphic design by Katya Bonnenfant.
Originally published in Yearbook Nr. 8 of Schloss Solitude, 2006, where several workshops were held.

Über Parallelen zwischen Kochen und Denken oder weshalb schlechte Symposien gute Esser zeitigen.
A pdf file containing a text in German on the problem of cooking for
scientists (includes some recipes that scientists might love),
also deals with the problem of mothers cooking.

Written together with Florian Keller,

originally appeared in: Anja Eichelberg / Helga Nowotny (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch 2002 des Collegium Helveticum der ETH Zürich, Zürich: vdf, S. 337-347

A Universal History of the World with regard to Cooking, Eating etc.
A series of short texts in German (pdf) that tell the story of the universe, life itself, humans, the social, culture, art, the individual
in short: everything you always wanted to know from the viewpoint of food and cooking.
Texts were selected and edited together with Florian Keller and Luc Georgi,

originally appeared in: Matthias Michel (Hrsg.), Fakt und Fiktion 0.7. Narrativität und Wissenschaft, Zürich: Chronos.


European Cooking Workshop, Nr. 1
A description (in German) of the first European cooking workshop,
held at Collegium Helveticum in 2002, organised together with Florian Keller and Günter Küppers. Includes detailed experimental setup, recipes and wide-ranging conclusions about sensory experiences in dark rooms.
First appeared in: Helga Nowotny (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch 2002 des Collegium Helveticum der ETH Zürich, Zürich: vdf.

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