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“Notes on an Acoustic Sociology of Science” and

“Selections. Transcript of a video installation”

two articles for a catalogue of this exhibition, to which I contributed.

In: Hannes Rickli (ed.): Videograms.
The Pictorial Worlds of Biological Experimentation as an Object of Art and Theory. Scheidegger and Spiess,
Zürich 2011

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Überschuss. Videogramme des Experimentierens.

(Surplus. Videograms of Experimentation) 2009
A project of the artist Hannes Rickli dealing with surplus images of biological laboratories. How do biologists define data? How do they define which images are errors? Together we did a 9-channel video-installation „labscans“, which shows the laboratories filmed by an automated 360° camera. The audio channels consist of a dialogue-montage among the biologists on their work and what constitutes data.

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Exhibited at Helmhaus Zürich.

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