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Michael Guggenheim, Bernd Kräftner, Judith Kröll

Don’t leave the kitchen. A Recipe for Incubations. Unpublished Article. (pdf)

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Abstract: In this paper we present a recipe for cultural interventions as a stew. It illustrates an approach we have developed in several research and exhibition projects that we call “incubation“. An incubation is a socio-technical device that forms new objects and interactions produced under situational, social and time-based pressure via the use of knowledge, interactions and objects.

An incubation consists of a range of ingredients – media, methods, theories – mixed together to both describe and intervene in a given situation. It challenges the opposition of action versus description, and political versus scientific, as limited. Because an incubation is not a process of debunking but of assembly, any method is always supposed to represent, intervene and transform. We use several examples to illustrate our argument, among them a long-term study with vegetative state patients, an exhibition project with researchers that are asylum seekers, a betting office for genetically doped mice and a laboratory to measure ideas of prevention.

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together with Judith Kroell and Bernd Kraeftner of shared inc. To appear in Tumult, Zeitschrift für Verkehrswissenschaft, Nr. 38, 2012,  edited by Jörg Potthast and Alexander Klose, special issue on “container”.





The article details a project with refugees and asylum seekers, who are researchers, scientists or academics. We did a collaborative exhibition, as part of “die wahr/falsch inc.” and founded an organisation called “researchers without borders“, headed by Judith Kröll, that continues to provide  places to practice and work for these people, so that they do not loose their skills while waiting for their decision on their status.

The article builds on a double notion of the container, both as a literal exhibition venue, but also as practice of (de-)containment whereby refugees are assigned roles, status and practices both through our exhibition but also bureaucratic procedures.

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“Office for Scientific Flotsam and Jetsam”

an exhibition where refugee-scientists exhibited and discussed their careers.

With them, we founded Researchers Without Borders / ForscherInnen ohne Grenzen, a still ongoing project that
adresses the situation of refugee-researchers.

part of the exhibitiondie wahr/falsch inc.


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