— Michael Guggenheim

Tag "Evaluation"

Welche Gütekriterien für die neuen Formen des Wissens brauchen wir?

In: Hans-Werner Franz, et al. (Eds.): Forschen – lernen – beraten. Der
Wandel von Wissensproduktion und -Transfer in den Sozialwissenschaften.
Berlin, 2003, pp. 285-302.

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In: Science and Public Policy, July 2006, pp.411-421 (pdf)


In this paper I argue that so-called transdisciplinary research, that is problem-oriented, non-technological research outside the disciplinary structure, leads to a strengthening of organisational aspects of knowledge production and, particularly, of a change in quality standards. Quality standards are increasingly defined in intra-organisational or project-dependent and procedural instead of disciplinary terms. The paper is based on fieldwork in several environmental consulting companies that perform a broad, non-disciplinary spectrum of research and consulting. Although they perform government- funded research, neither their organisational structure nor their praxis is oriented towards disciplines. Instead their research focuses on social problems and methods that are translated into research without an intermediary disciplinary filtering. Quality has to be accomplished via non-disciplinary standards. These non-disciplinary standards are all procedural: namely quality management, timesheets and accompanying supervisory groups.

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