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(Un-) Building Social Systems. The Concrete Foundations of Functional Differentiation’
in: Ignacio Farias and José Ossandon (eds.) Comunicaciones, semánticas y redes. Usos y desviaciones de la sociología de Niklas Luhmann. México: Universidad Iberoamericana, 2011, 245-277


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Symmetrical twins (pdf). On the Relationship Between Actor-Network-Theory and the Sociology of Critical Capacities.

In:  European Journal of Sociological Theory, Vol 11, issue 2, 2012, 157-178. (together with
Joerg Potthast)

This article explores the elective affinities between Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and the sociology of critical capacities. It argues that these two research programmes can be understood as symmetrical twins. We show the extent to which the exchange between Bruno Latour and Luc Boltanski has influenced their respective theoretical develop- ments. Three strong encounters between the twin research programmes may be distin- guished. The first encounter concerns explanations for social change. The second encounter focuses on the status of objects and their relationship to locations. The third encounter is about the concept of critique. Drawing on their long-term mutual readings, we gain insight into how pleas for symmetrical analysis raised in response to Bourdieu’s theory of fields have evolved within both ANT and the sociology of critical capacity. We conclude by relating the development of the respective research programmes to the issue of disciplinary boundaries.













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