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Michael Guggenheim, Bernd Kräftner, Judith Kröll

Don’t leave the kitchen. A Recipe for Incubations. Unpublished Article. (pdf)

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Abstract: In this paper we present a recipe for cultural interventions as a stew. It illustrates an approach we have developed in several research and exhibition projects that we call “incubation“. An incubation is a socio-technical device that forms new objects and interactions produced under situational, social and time-based pressure via the use of knowledge, interactions and objects.

An incubation consists of a range of ingredients – media, methods, theories – mixed together to both describe and intervene in a given situation. It challenges the opposition of action versus description, and political versus scientific, as limited. Because an incubation is not a process of debunking but of assembly, any method is always supposed to represent, intervene and transform. We use several examples to illustrate our argument, among them a long-term study with vegetative state patients, an exhibition project with researchers that are asylum seekers, a betting office for genetically doped mice and a laboratory to measure ideas of prevention.

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by Bernd Kräftner and myself (as stygma brothers). The installation told the story of how Cyprus deals with the genetic disease Thalassemia. It is based on fieldwork in Cyprus and consists of a reinterpretation of a Cypriot photo-store. The story is told with ethnographic material, photos in clinics, photos of married couples from photo-stores, interview excerpts, a social history of Cyprus told with the help of stamps, all arranged in some 200 old picture frames.
Ethnographic guidance by Stefan Beck.

Part of the exhibition “die wahr/falsch inc.”


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